Raivon vastaanotto

Olen luonut Raivolle oman osion (löytyy yläpalkista). Tuonne on koottu arvioiden parhaita paloja sekä otteita blogikirjoituksista. Raivosta on kirjoitettu myös Bookstagramissa.


Raivo (Rage) by Eeva Rohas is one of the books I’ve been most excited about this spring. I was excited when I read the description of the book in publishing company’s spring catalogue and I got even more excited when Eeva Rohas visited in the first episode of @omahuonepodcast. This week the book finally came out and it jumped straight to the top of my reading list.
And I must say: This book is very close to perfection. To me language and symbolism are extremely important things in a book and Raivo has so many levels that I propably didn’t even understand every single allegory or metaphor. For example: Raivo (rage) is a feeling between Tuuli and Ilja who are in the middle of a divorce. Raivo (rage) is also their daughter’s pet gecko. Eeva Rohas twists and turns meanings around and words grow to have so many purposes. I also love the intertextuality in this book!
Raivo is a book about alcoholism and divorce. So it’s not always pretty or fun but the points of views are interesting and every narrator has a distictive voice. My favorite narrator is definitely four years old Luna whose world of view is so genuine and heart-warming. 4,5/5 ⭐️